Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not so new....

Hey everyone!!
Ive had blogs before and was never able to keep managing them! Hopefuly this new blog will be
a bit more successful...?
Well, in case you were wondering my old blog is I love to read
and write so my plan for that blog was to read books then review them...if your checking out my
blog right now you can see that didnt work out so well. I think my mom didnt like going to the
library every week! Well thats what Im gonna tell myself anyway.....
Im going to tell you a little bit about myself and then you can feel free to leave a
comment telling me about you!

1. Obviously I like to write- I already told you that!!
2. I dont like using grammar and punctuation when its not necassary- so if your a freak about that kind of stuff....well you might wanna exit out of this blog right NOW!!!
3. I have a dog named doggy =)

4. Im not a geek, I dont know anything about computers..but if your reading this and you areeeeee-then maybe you could message me and help me out with a few stuff?? ppwwweeaase?

5.I have 3 AMAZING best friends named logan, claire and elijah booty call! i love you guys!!

Weeeeelllll, one other thing you should know about me is-this is gonna sound pathetic- but I usually like to go to bed at like 10...hey! dont judge!! the girl needs her beauty sleep. The only time I saty up late is to watch law and order!! Well I hope you all have a good night!! AND HAPPY AUGUST 1!!!

peace n luv