Saturday, September 25, 2010

dont worry!

im still alive, just VERY busy! not to mention tired but i figured i should post since its been what? 3 weeks! i know how much youd all miss me! haha. know what movie i just saw? KILLERS. i love ashton kutcher, but jealous of (i was going to put hate but i do like her just so very envious :) ) katherine heigl. is it just me or does she always get the most amazing men?

aaaahhhh. josh duhamel. i really wanna see this movie. looks super cute. and no not just because of mr. duhamel! :)

gerard butler is GORGEOUS. {thats all i have to say.}

and of course with ashton kutcher. probably the next person she will be with is ryan renolds. oh gawd. i hope i didnt jinxx it! :)

peace and love!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

schoooooool.schooooool.schoooool and GLEEKS

wow. i havent been on here forever! i blame it on school. bahh. i even thought i forgot my password for a minute....but its all good(: how was your labor day weekend?? mine was good, but of course my stupid allergies got to me so i was in bed all day monday. :P
well, you all know how much i LOVE glee, right? well im upstairs doing my homework like a little angel and i go downstairs and what do i see on the tv? KURT KUMMEL! my favorite character. my mom hates the show {dont hold it against her} so i dont even know why she was sitting down there watching it. but of course i gave up on homework.
here are some of my favorite moments on glee. what are yours??

10. discovering sue has a journal. i want----no need to see that! she cracks me up. wouldnt you just love to have her as a teacher??

9.Finns moms reaction to the pregnancy. i loved how caring and understanding Finns mom was about the whole thing. im not saying i agree with the situation but i know a lot of parents who would kick their kids out of the house like Quinns parents.

8.Rachel hugging Mercedes. i know its minor but i love how the show shows in such a small way how much more matured the Glee club has become.

7. Mercedes- Bust Your Windows. i like Mercedes because the episodes that ive watched seem like she doesnt have much of a part in the show. and look at her dance!!! whooo

6. Kurt coming out to his dad. i just want you to know right now that i do not support the gay society. but its their life right? please no hard feelings. im not judging. but i do love again how understanding Kurts tough dad was. again, im not so sure the parents i know would be like that to their own children.

5. Sues sister. deep down under the track suit and crabby attitude we know sue has a heart...maybe.... i thought this was really sweet.

4.The mashup competion. i love the dances, the attitudes, the outfits, everything. super amazing on the choreographers part.

3. "Imagine" with the deaf choir. very touching.thats all i can say :)

2.My Life Would Suck Without You. i love the song anyway, but when the glee cast sang it i almost liked it better than kelly. {sorry, i still love you}

1.Dont Stop Believing. this was the first song the Glee Cast did together besides "push it" and i really liked how together they were!