Saturday, August 28, 2010

I _______ {fill in the blank} shopping for jeans

In: jeans
Out: shorts
hey guys! well, as you know school has started for me last week and when school starts my sister, mom, and i go jean shopping in anticipation for fall/winter. well i personally {hate} shopping for jeans. i just cant seem to find the perfect fit for my body. do you guys ever get that same feeling. i go EVERYWHERE looking for the perfect pair until im practically dead from shopping!
the other day, i did have some luck. Rue21, my favorite store in the mall {as most of you have probably guessed by now} had a great deal. lets see if i can explain it:
anything that was $20 was now $12
anything that was $25 or higher was now $19
pluuuuuusssss if you buy two pairs of jeans you can get $10 off your next purchase!
now thats my kind of deal!
we were only in the store for 10 minutes when i found the perfect pair. they were 5/6 and as soon as i tried them on i fell in love! my policy that always works is if you dont ABSOLUTELY love it in the store then chances are your not gonna love it when you get home. plus you need to remeber that dark jeans tend to shrink a little when washed for the first time.
when i got home from Rue21 i tried the jeans on again, and okay, okay this may sound stupid DONT JUDGE OKAY? but i was jumping around and looking at my big butt and telling my sister to look at it too. maybe i had to much Coffee Toffee at Gloria Jeans, but i was very hyper.
dont you just love the feeling you get when you find the right pair?
i was looking around at which is by the way my new favorite website and was only on there for about 10 miniutes and already have a huge wishlist!
i love the bottom of this cute tank top!
these are dark jeans so you could wear them for church or even just casual.
love the color! i think this tank or even the one above would go great with the jeans.
of course i had to post this bag. it would also go good with the outfits above.

personally i dont think i would wear this shirt but i love how colorful it is!

ive never been a huge fan of rompers but with a cute pair of sandals and long necklace it would be a pretty cute outfit.

well its a beautiful day, so im planning on tanning out on the deck or taking a long bike ride. whats your plans for today?

peeeaaacccceee aaaannnnnndddd lloooooovvveeee! :*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tag, Now Your It!

good evening lovelies! as i mentioned in my last post im sssoooo busy! i was tagged a while ago by to take this questions tag sooo here it is =)
here are the rules:
answer the questions
make your own!
and tag 8 bloggers
What Is Your Fashion Style?
sometimes i go for the cute flirty look and sometimes edgy, but i love jewelery!
Who Is Your Fashion Icon?
i really like Beyonce, or Miley Cyrus. {completely different, I know ;)}
Who/What Inspires You To Blog?
my best friend hannah, and i really like to write.
Who Is Your Most Favorite YouTube Guru?
What Is Your Favorite Clothing Brand?
i dont really have one, but i love shopping at rue 21 or charlotte russe!
Are You A Shopoholic Or Not?
Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?
i can be really outgoing ;) but when meeting new people a introvert
Have You Ever Been Dated Because Your Beautiful?
the word is pulchritudinous {hah look it up} but no, i hope thats not the reason.
aaaaaannnndddd here are my 8 questions =)
1. Whats Your Favortite Food? {I love food}
2. What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?
3. What/ Who Would You Take With You If Your House Was On Fire?
4. Favorite Store?
5. Whats Your Favorite Fashion Website?
6. Do You Like Winne The Pooh?
7. Whats Your FAVORITE Color?
8. Favorite Smell?
aannnnnnnddddd i tag:
havveeee fun!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

didnt forget

hey guys! i missed you! i havent been on here for a couple days, which trust me- is very unusual! school started the other day and ive been so busy. it was only my 2 day today and my backpack is already filled the the maximum. so far schools going good. {notice how i said SO FAR??} two of my best friends and i tried out for volleyball jv. we just found out what team we were all on. it was kind of disapointing that we didnt make jv and instead are on the "C team". but to tell the truth its much funner because there isnt so much pressure to do good, i mean sure, you should always try but sometimes its nice just to be a little laid back =) plus the most important part is having fun right? well, i just took a quick break so that i remembered to catch up =) still have studying for spanish to do.....
peaceeee nnnn llluuuuuuvvvvv

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme Thursday- RED!

In: red,red,red!
Out: cold air

why hello my lovelies! lately outside its been windy, and gray skys {i hate it} i started thinking we went from summer straight to the middle of october. but finally my last days of august are looking up. its getting warmer and my whole weekend is jam packed.

out of all the colors of the rainbow i would say my favorite is red. always has been, ever since i was little my dream car was a red corvet =) unfortunately a lot of people think you cant wear red in the summer. ill admit it does kind of remind me of christmas. but i was searching around on the internet and i found a lot of SUPER cute red outfits.

you can wear red with a cute handbag:

{okay, i know this isnt red, but its pink and still super cute, and i found it at rue 21}

you can wear red with a cute scarf:

{remember, the best way to wear a bold color, is with other colors, solid is a definite no-no}{also at rue21}

you can wear red with a cute belt:

{as you can see red with white and black is the best way to wear a belt}

you can wear red with a cute blouse:

{i found all three of these at for less than $25!}

you can wear red with your makeup

{be careful when wearing red eyeshadow not to use to much, and that i goes with your complexion}

you can wear red with cute shoes and earrings

{these rose hair pins are so cute! rue 21- 5. 99}

{im in love- with these shoes from rue 21}

you can wear red with short, flowy, summery dresses:

{hayden and jordan both looks gorgeous in these red dresses.}

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New school year...and Rick Malambri ;)

Out: summer
good afternoon!! i am seriously counting the days till school starts: 5! maybe its just me but my summer has gone by really fast, and personally i dont mind! i am looking forward to it. maybe my mind will change a couple of weeks into the year, but for now im trying to make the days go by as fast as possible. =) i have this little list of things i want to change before school starts and during the year. {kind of like a new years resolution, only without the new year ;)}

1. keep my nails long. ive been a biter since i was little and ive finally grown them out this summer.

2. keep my backpack and locker clean! last year i was the last one out of the freshamn and sophmores to get finished cleaning!

3. study harder {!!!!!}

4. make new friends and be a better one to old ones

5. at least go to one newspaper meeting

6. attend more social activities.

what are your guys resolutions for the new school year?

{if your reading this post just because you saw this picture of Rick Malambri from Step Up 3D hate to disapoint you, but the post isnt about him, just some eye candy ;)}

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nicholas Sparks

In: Nicholas Sparks {obviously}
Out: Not reading for almost the whole summer!

hey guys! have any of you seen Dear John? i love that movie. i was watching it for about the 100th time the other day and i realized i havent read in forever! and i love reading. so i went to the library and loaded up on Nicholas Sparks books. some of the things hes written are Dear John, The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, and The Last Song {which i am currently reading now} have any of you seen the movie with Miley Cyrus? i cant wait till i finish with the book, so i can see the movie!

school starts in a next week {!} so i figured i better start cramming in the reading time =) i went outside earlier in my swimsuit lathered the sunscreen on and almost finished The Last Song. its pretty good. if any of you have read the book and the movie which one do you think is better? usually i say the book is always better but i REALLY like miley and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth who is also in the movie.

kind of changing subjects here =) {i tend to do that alot} but yesterday was just about as gorgeous as today so my sister, my mom, and i went to downtown CFalls, and just visited the park and checked out the stores.

i loved all the shoes! found them at Mason Outlet Store. labor day weekend all the shoes are $17!

these ones even zip up in the back. i fell in love with them =)

aww! the bears looked so cute and cuddly =)

looking sexy as the devil ;)

you've got mail

we loved the ostrich!

so friendly!!

pretty fountain- of course we had to take a picture!

PEACE AND LOVE! hope you had a marvelous day!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New favorite tv show

In: 18 to Life
Out: Juno

well hello everyone!
my sister and i love watching movies or tv shows together. but lately the dvd player hasnt been working. i think its something to do with our tv. so we had to stick with watching tv. which of course wouldnt be so bad except that we dont have cable to we get a total of 4 channels {not counting PBS and the 24 hour weather, and who watches that??} my dad and mom both got new computers in the middle of july so the next thing maddie and i resorted to was i like watching saturday night live reruns. SO HILARIOUS! the other day i came across "surprise" and " Laurence Welk" youve gotta see them i could watch them over and over not stop laughing.

but anyway i came across a ad for a new tv show called 18 to Life, and it hasnt even been aired on tv yet but i started watching it and its sooo cute! its about two 18 year olds {obvoiusly} that were playing truth or dare when it turns into a proposal. the two stars are Stacey Farber who was a STAPLE on degrassi (is that better mimi) and Micheal Seater. of course the parents arent to happy about the two lifelong friends becoming husband and wife but it happens. ive only seen the first two episodes but i would totally reccomend it!

speaking of reccomending things, a couple of posts ago i was talking about katy perrys music video for California Gurls, and i said it wasnt that bad- but this was before i saw her live performance at MUCH MUSIC AWARDS. i dont know which is better the first one with the grandma singing of her. when i think California i dont think of cupcakes and "gurls" wearing next to nothing on stage. wow really disapointing. but on a better not, i do really like her new song "Teenage Dream"

peaceee nnnn llllluuuuuvvvv "gurlsssss"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Its about timee....

In: warm summer nights
Out: bugs

good evening everyone! tonight was the first night of the whole summer that i went to a local baseball game.and what a gorgeous night! i cant say i love the heat but tonight i didnt mind it so much. i was with family and friends, for the most part no bugs, and the smell of popcorn. i would have to say that is my favorite part of summer. when i hear the word "summer" in the cold seasons i think of sleeping on the trampoline {the longest weve managed to stay out was 1 and a half hours} burning marshmellows, which by the way is THE ONLY way to eat them, and of course fourth of july fireworks.

i was searching all over google images to find a picture to describe my mood but i guess thats just not possible.
lets have a little game. when you hear the word summer, what do you guys think about. i would love to know. probably my two favorite seasons are summer and fall. so warm and cheerfull =)
anyway thanks everyone for the get weel soon wishes! im feeling a lot better =)
peaceee nnnnn llooooovvveeee

megans must haves!

In: not spending money
Out: my huge shopping splurge at the begining of the summer

hey guys! so it seems that whenever i go shopping i feel like i need to buy something. whether it be necklaces or earrings to cookie chillers from gloria jeans. {with extra whipped cream please!} ive started only putting 20 bucks in my wallet each time i go out, unless i have something in mind that im gonna get for more. anyway i would say im a pretty smart shopper. {some people call me cheap though, that works too}

i was out shopping the other day with logan and i saw some pretty good buys that i just HAD to have. ever get that feeling? anyway here are some of the things that im hoping to get before school starts.

found this A-line racerback dress at Charlotte Russe. its only $28. its simple but yet cute =)
these flats are super cute. i found them at rue 21 for 19.99
this shirt i also found at rue 21. its really girly because of the frills but the belt gives it a edge. 21.99

lately ive been obssesed with cardigans and cover ups. this was also from rue 21 and 16.99

these are just a few ideas. i just had this post listed in my drafts and wanted to finish up. TO BE CONTINUED! =)

peaceee aaannnnddd looovvveee my beautss!

Friday, August 6, 2010

TWILIGHT series, stuffy noses, and sore throats.

In: Eclipse
Out: stupid cold!

hey guys! i am ssooo miserable!! my throat hurts, my head is throbbing, and every time i swallow i feel like throwing up. i havent been this sick in a looonnnngg time. =( blah. so my plans for the day is sleep, sleep, sleep....

what do you guys think of the twilight series? i liked the books but my opinion on the movies is a major thumb down! some of my friends think the movies are way better than the books and some agree with me. and of course you know what most of my guy friends say ;)

id have to say that my favorite part of the movies would be jacob. (how can you not love that body?)

(or that face?)

i want to hear your guys opinions of the movies.i havent seen eclipse yet and if i do, it probably wont be in the theater, but i know some people that have. what do you think of it? should i see it or no?

speaking of movies in the theater, the other day i saw The Sorcerers Apprentice. im not a big fan of Nicholas Cage but logan and i couldnt decide on a movie we both wanted to watch, so we decided on that. logan didnt like it. i didnt think it was THAT bad but im not really into movies like that. i like more of the chick flick movies! the ending was really happy and cute though with a little kissing =)

one movie i really do want to see is Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. ive been a HUGE fan of his since Titanic! have you guys seen it yet? i doubt my mom would let me see it but maybe with a little persuading i could get her to check it out =)

well i think its a good time for a nice long nap, so peace and love!!

p.s thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog these past days and given me a chance. it means a lot and i will most definetly return the favor ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

sunkissed skin so hot we'll melt your popsicle...

In: Katy Perry
Out: Kesha

hey all!! wanna know another thing im obessesed with? katy perry! Maybe its her awesome fashion style

Or maybe her hair

maybe her fiance

maybe her amazing voice and lyrics to her songs

her new song Teenage Dream makes my heart happy =) i cant wait for the music video to come out!

.........speaking of music videos have any of you guys seen the music video for California Gurls? ive gotten mixed reactions to it. i personally thought it was creative and reminded of the game i played when i was five- CANDY LAND!

dont get me wrong i do love kesha. but maybe its because i listen to the radio alot more than usual but it just seems like her songs get kind of old. no hard feelings though!!?? i still like ms.kesha with her cool eye makeup and funky dance songs!! to stay and chat...buuuuttt i hear a cheeseburger calling my name out in the kitchen =)

peaceee nnn luuvvvvvv

Monday, August 2, 2010 maybe im just a little obssesed...

In: Law and Order, Bones, Castle, CSI
Out: Cartoons
Hey guys! I love watching mystery shows, buut my family doesnt have cable...or dish. So we are stuck with the old school 7 channel tv. Luckily everynight at about 12:06 Law and Order comes on! This is my only joy in life. {Okay, Maybe Im being a tad dramatic} But usually I dont stay up that I said- Im pathetic! Yes, Castle is on every monday night at 10 and Bones is on every friday at 8 but i cant handle once a week. So I torture myself by staying up late almost every night that I dont have to get up early to babysit by watching My Name is Earl, two reruns of The Office, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Yeah, I cant believe I dont die of boredom while waiting for 12:06.
My parents on the otherhand dont like it when I stay up this late to watch SVU because by the time its done at 1:06 I freak myself out! I turn on every light in the house, make as much noise as I can, and always look under my bed before I crawl in. Pathetic right? =)
Buuut thanks to my dads company he just got a new way faster computer than before and my mom just got a laptop. So guess what Im doing after sending this post? Yup, you guessed it. Im closing the door to the office, get a bowl of ice cream, and sit back and enjoy a good ol episode of Bones. =)
peacee n luvv