Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme Thursday- RED!

In: red,red,red!
Out: cold air

why hello my lovelies! lately outside its been windy, and gray skys {i hate it} i started thinking we went from summer straight to the middle of october. but finally my last days of august are looking up. its getting warmer and my whole weekend is jam packed.

out of all the colors of the rainbow i would say my favorite is red. always has been, ever since i was little my dream car was a red corvet =) unfortunately a lot of people think you cant wear red in the summer. ill admit it does kind of remind me of christmas. but i was searching around on the internet and i found a lot of SUPER cute red outfits.

you can wear red with a cute handbag:

{okay, i know this isnt red, but its pink and still super cute, and i found it at rue 21}

you can wear red with a cute scarf:

{remember, the best way to wear a bold color, is with other colors, solid is a definite no-no}{also at rue21}

you can wear red with a cute belt:

{as you can see red with white and black is the best way to wear a belt}

you can wear red with a cute blouse:

{i found all three of these at for less than $25!}

you can wear red with your makeup

{be careful when wearing red eyeshadow not to use to much, and that i goes with your complexion}

you can wear red with cute shoes and earrings

{these rose hair pins are so cute! rue 21- 5. 99}

{im in love- with these shoes from rue 21}

you can wear red with short, flowy, summery dresses:

{hayden and jordan both looks gorgeous in these red dresses.}


  1. I love the pink bag :-) Good it!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi megan... I love RED dream car is RED ferrari :D hmm daydreaming now.. i am wearing the red tank top plus the 1st cute scarf, hot pants jeans,red sandals, plus those pink cute bag and I'm driving the Red ferrari haha....thanks for following me dear :) follow you back :)

  3. Hey Megan Chloe!

    I love red too. Omg it's like my favourite colour actually. I've sorta stopped wearing red tho because it doesn't look good on me. But still it's my fave colour!

    Great post btw!

  4. Hi! I just wanna let you know that i tagged you in my blog, pls. check it out.