Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tag, Now Your It!

good evening lovelies! as i mentioned in my last post im sssoooo busy! i was tagged a while ago by to take this questions tag sooo here it is =)
here are the rules:
answer the questions
make your own!
and tag 8 bloggers
What Is Your Fashion Style?
sometimes i go for the cute flirty look and sometimes edgy, but i love jewelery!
Who Is Your Fashion Icon?
i really like Beyonce, or Miley Cyrus. {completely different, I know ;)}
Who/What Inspires You To Blog?
my best friend hannah, and i really like to write.
Who Is Your Most Favorite YouTube Guru?
What Is Your Favorite Clothing Brand?
i dont really have one, but i love shopping at rue 21 or charlotte russe!
Are You A Shopoholic Or Not?
Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?
i can be really outgoing ;) but when meeting new people a introvert
Have You Ever Been Dated Because Your Beautiful?
the word is pulchritudinous {hah look it up} but no, i hope thats not the reason.
aaaaaannnndddd here are my 8 questions =)
1. Whats Your Favortite Food? {I love food}
2. What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?
3. What/ Who Would You Take With You If Your House Was On Fire?
4. Favorite Store?
5. Whats Your Favorite Fashion Website?
6. Do You Like Winne The Pooh?
7. Whats Your FAVORITE Color?
8. Favorite Smell?
aannnnnnnddddd i tag:
havveeee fun!!


  1. Uhhh...will not be writing this on said blog =]. Basically, I don't like tagging people...or coming up with questions.

    1. Um...potatoes! Or grapes.
    2. "I want to be a billionaire so [very] baaad." Hahaha, no idea. I would buy a car, I s'pose. And a college education.
    3. YOU! Except you wouldn't be at my house...hopefully. Probably my backpack. And undies.
    4. Katmandu! <3 Or Menards, I have a thing for the smell of fertilizer.
    5. Uhhhh Go Fug Yourself, of course =]
    6. Hellz Bellz yes! Lol, what brought that up?
    7. White
    8. A darn-tooting, fine-looking, gray-hairished boy's scent <3

  2. Hey, thanks for the follow and the comment!! Hahah I love tags xD But I always forget to do them!

    Thank you I was a bit weary of using my nail colours first, but I just got on with it and now I love it!! And the dress is actually eggshell blue, very pale, but soo pretty!! Thank you for saying I am cute <3

    Kitty x