Monday, August 2, 2010 maybe im just a little obssesed...

In: Law and Order, Bones, Castle, CSI
Out: Cartoons
Hey guys! I love watching mystery shows, buut my family doesnt have cable...or dish. So we are stuck with the old school 7 channel tv. Luckily everynight at about 12:06 Law and Order comes on! This is my only joy in life. {Okay, Maybe Im being a tad dramatic} But usually I dont stay up that I said- Im pathetic! Yes, Castle is on every monday night at 10 and Bones is on every friday at 8 but i cant handle once a week. So I torture myself by staying up late almost every night that I dont have to get up early to babysit by watching My Name is Earl, two reruns of The Office, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Yeah, I cant believe I dont die of boredom while waiting for 12:06.
My parents on the otherhand dont like it when I stay up this late to watch SVU because by the time its done at 1:06 I freak myself out! I turn on every light in the house, make as much noise as I can, and always look under my bed before I crawl in. Pathetic right? =)
Buuut thanks to my dads company he just got a new way faster computer than before and my mom just got a laptop. So guess what Im doing after sending this post? Yup, you guessed it. Im closing the door to the office, get a bowl of ice cream, and sit back and enjoy a good ol episode of Bones. =)
peacee n luvv

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