Wednesday, August 25, 2010

didnt forget

hey guys! i missed you! i havent been on here for a couple days, which trust me- is very unusual! school started the other day and ive been so busy. it was only my 2 day today and my backpack is already filled the the maximum. so far schools going good. {notice how i said SO FAR??} two of my best friends and i tried out for volleyball jv. we just found out what team we were all on. it was kind of disapointing that we didnt make jv and instead are on the "C team". but to tell the truth its much funner because there isnt so much pressure to do good, i mean sure, you should always try but sometimes its nice just to be a little laid back =) plus the most important part is having fun right? well, i just took a quick break so that i remembered to catch up =) still have studying for spanish to do.....
peaceeee nnnn llluuuuuuvvvvv

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  1. thanks for the comment dear, im refollowing, pls follow back. i'll be waiting for your answers on my tag. =)