Friday, August 6, 2010

TWILIGHT series, stuffy noses, and sore throats.

In: Eclipse
Out: stupid cold!

hey guys! i am ssooo miserable!! my throat hurts, my head is throbbing, and every time i swallow i feel like throwing up. i havent been this sick in a looonnnngg time. =( blah. so my plans for the day is sleep, sleep, sleep....

what do you guys think of the twilight series? i liked the books but my opinion on the movies is a major thumb down! some of my friends think the movies are way better than the books and some agree with me. and of course you know what most of my guy friends say ;)

id have to say that my favorite part of the movies would be jacob. (how can you not love that body?)

(or that face?)

i want to hear your guys opinions of the movies.i havent seen eclipse yet and if i do, it probably wont be in the theater, but i know some people that have. what do you think of it? should i see it or no?

speaking of movies in the theater, the other day i saw The Sorcerers Apprentice. im not a big fan of Nicholas Cage but logan and i couldnt decide on a movie we both wanted to watch, so we decided on that. logan didnt like it. i didnt think it was THAT bad but im not really into movies like that. i like more of the chick flick movies! the ending was really happy and cute though with a little kissing =)

one movie i really do want to see is Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. ive been a HUGE fan of his since Titanic! have you guys seen it yet? i doubt my mom would let me see it but maybe with a little persuading i could get her to check it out =)

well i think its a good time for a nice long nap, so peace and love!!

p.s thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog these past days and given me a chance. it means a lot and i will most definetly return the favor ;)


  1. Oh noooo I hope you feel better soon! I've read the Twilight books and I've seen the first two films. I'll eventually watch all of them and buy the DVDs, too, just because I'm an Edward fan (can we still be friends? haha). I mean, the writing wasn't spectacular (my husband read a few lines aloud to make fun of me and it sounded SO cheesy, it was rather embarrassing) but it was FUN to read and that's what matters!

  2. i agree. i love the book sooooo much better than the movies! Eclipse was alright. it wasn't as good as new moon or twilight. soooo. yepp.

    and i really hope you feel better:D get lots and lots of rest!

  3. aw, i'm sorry you're sick! totally not the way to spend the weekend. get lots of rest, and i hope you feel better soon! as for eclipse the movie, ehhh, i thought it wasn't that good. totally watch on dvd or something, though. but honestly, i wish i spent my 12 bucks on a different movie instead. feel better!

    <3, Mimi

  4. Hey Megan, this is De from Ferrari 110. Just dropping by to say hi. You've got a new follower as well ;)

  5. I'm now reading the last book and I've seen all the movies and I have to disagree with you...I sometimes find the books to go on and on about something while the movies have a bit more 'action'...I'm a big fan of MUSE so the music in the movies are a big plus to me! But I wouldn't want to miss the books though!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Get better soon! Being sick def sucks. Esp in the summer!

    Meeh is all I can say to Eclipse and Twilight and whatever. The books sucked. Stephenie Meyers cannot write! I can't believe she has a degree in English :O she writes like a kindergartner. I thought the first movie was better than the first book. The second was... still slightly better than the 2nd book. Haven't seen the third but my manager at work (lol) says it was okay. He's a guy tho. So I don't know why he thinks it's "okay". He watched it with his girlfriend so maybe that's why..? hahaaha

    you have such a cute layout! love the header too. Very bubbly and fun. Looking forward to reading more posts.

    Thanks for visiting!

    ps. WATCH INCEPTION. it will change your life. :3

  7. hey megan again! :D

    would you like to exchange links? i've already added you!