Monday, August 9, 2010

megans must haves!

In: not spending money
Out: my huge shopping splurge at the begining of the summer

hey guys! so it seems that whenever i go shopping i feel like i need to buy something. whether it be necklaces or earrings to cookie chillers from gloria jeans. {with extra whipped cream please!} ive started only putting 20 bucks in my wallet each time i go out, unless i have something in mind that im gonna get for more. anyway i would say im a pretty smart shopper. {some people call me cheap though, that works too}

i was out shopping the other day with logan and i saw some pretty good buys that i just HAD to have. ever get that feeling? anyway here are some of the things that im hoping to get before school starts.

found this A-line racerback dress at Charlotte Russe. its only $28. its simple but yet cute =)
these flats are super cute. i found them at rue 21 for 19.99
this shirt i also found at rue 21. its really girly because of the frills but the belt gives it a edge. 21.99

lately ive been obssesed with cardigans and cover ups. this was also from rue 21 and 16.99

these are just a few ideas. i just had this post listed in my drafts and wanted to finish up. TO BE CONTINUED! =)

peaceee aaannnnddd looovvveee my beautss!


  1. Love the blouse+belt! What if you see something you really MUST have and you only have 20 dollars (and that's not enough)?!

  2. i love the white shirt with a belt. lovely.