Monday, August 9, 2010

Its about timee....

In: warm summer nights
Out: bugs

good evening everyone! tonight was the first night of the whole summer that i went to a local baseball game.and what a gorgeous night! i cant say i love the heat but tonight i didnt mind it so much. i was with family and friends, for the most part no bugs, and the smell of popcorn. i would have to say that is my favorite part of summer. when i hear the word "summer" in the cold seasons i think of sleeping on the trampoline {the longest weve managed to stay out was 1 and a half hours} burning marshmellows, which by the way is THE ONLY way to eat them, and of course fourth of july fireworks.

i was searching all over google images to find a picture to describe my mood but i guess thats just not possible.
lets have a little game. when you hear the word summer, what do you guys think about. i would love to know. probably my two favorite seasons are summer and fall. so warm and cheerfull =)
anyway thanks everyone for the get weel soon wishes! im feeling a lot better =)
peaceee nnnnn llooooovvveeee

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