Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New school year...and Rick Malambri ;)

Out: summer
good afternoon!! i am seriously counting the days till school starts: 5! maybe its just me but my summer has gone by really fast, and personally i dont mind! i am looking forward to it. maybe my mind will change a couple of weeks into the year, but for now im trying to make the days go by as fast as possible. =) i have this little list of things i want to change before school starts and during the year. {kind of like a new years resolution, only without the new year ;)}

1. keep my nails long. ive been a biter since i was little and ive finally grown them out this summer.

2. keep my backpack and locker clean! last year i was the last one out of the freshamn and sophmores to get finished cleaning!

3. study harder {!!!!!}

4. make new friends and be a better one to old ones

5. at least go to one newspaper meeting

6. attend more social activities.

what are your guys resolutions for the new school year?

{if your reading this post just because you saw this picture of Rick Malambri from Step Up 3D hate to disapoint you, but the post isnt about him, just some eye candy ;)}


  1. Love the colourful nails! I did something similar with two Armani nail colours but it wasn't as obvious, sadly. Speaking of sad, I don't want summer to end. Where did it go?

  2. If you get a chance, please check out my dare you to wear challenge. I am challenging my subscribers to recreate a look from the derek lam fashion show (pics on my blog). I will be doing an updated post showing what everyone came up with.
    I am also currently having my August giveaway.


  3. I'm not excited for school. It'll be my senior year and everything's going to go by so fast and there'll be exams D: IMPORTANT EXAMS D:

    Anyway, yeah I saw that Michelle Phan vid for the Make Your Own Pore Strips! I haven't tried it yet cuz I bought the drugstore type pore strips but they're expensive so once I finish using those I'll start making my own!

    You have some great resolutions here! Good luck with everything xxx

  4. I like that cute colorful nails! super cute!


  5. I LOVE YOUR COLORFUL NAILS!! So super cute!!

    Haha, beat all the strangers who commented. =)