Saturday, September 25, 2010

dont worry!

im still alive, just VERY busy! not to mention tired but i figured i should post since its been what? 3 weeks! i know how much youd all miss me! haha. know what movie i just saw? KILLERS. i love ashton kutcher, but jealous of (i was going to put hate but i do like her just so very envious :) ) katherine heigl. is it just me or does she always get the most amazing men?

aaaahhhh. josh duhamel. i really wanna see this movie. looks super cute. and no not just because of mr. duhamel! :)

gerard butler is GORGEOUS. {thats all i have to say.}

and of course with ashton kutcher. probably the next person she will be with is ryan renolds. oh gawd. i hope i didnt jinxx it! :)

peace and love!


  1. HA! I want to see life as we know it SO badly! We should make it happen sometime...because Josh Duhamel is deeeelish!

  2. Lovely blog :)!
    Much love,